What’s Common Between the Best ATM Processing Companies?

ATM Processing Companies

If you plan to start an ATM business or already have an existing one and are looking for an ATM processing company, you get several alternatives from which to choose. However, since not all function in the same manner, it’s important that you compare your options well. If you look at the best ATM processing companies, you’ll notice they have a few things in common.

Options Aplenty

Every good ATM processing company holds the capability to process transactions through major payment networks such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cirrus, Maestro, NYCE, Star, Shazam, and Accel. Besides, they are able to process transactions using domestic and international cards alike. The top companies also offer significant variety when it comes to the ATM brands and models they offer.

ATM Placement and Setup

It’s common for the top ATM processing companies to offer placement and setup services. While finding the right location is mainly a sales-driven process, setting up an ATM requires technical expertise. Good companies know what to look for when it comes to selecting a suitable spot for your ATM, and they are also well adept at installing ATMs at different types of locations, be it gas stations, office buildings, or convenience stores. If you already have an ATM machine, you may get a processing company to reprogram your machine onto their systems.

Automated Notifications

Another factor that’s common among the best ATM processing companies is that they let you set up automated notifications to deal with instances of errors, terminal inactivity, and low cash supply. For example, you may choose to set up an automated notification for when the cash in the ATM vault reaches a minimum threshold.

The Cost Factor

While the best ATM processing companies don’t provide the cheapest services – because good service comes at a cost – they typically refrain from charging exorbitant prices. Starting an ATM business does come with some upfront costs, and you might need to pay ongoing fees. However, the top companies ensure complete transparency in their pricing, which takes away the need to worry about hidden fees and charges.

Splitting Payments

ATM owners who wish to receive their payments in multiple accounts would benefit by working with a processing company that provides split payments. For example, if you have a business partner, your processing company will split the payment for you and send it to two different accounts. Sure, you can do this on your own, but you’ll have to do it every month.

Customer and Technical Support

Owning an ATM business requires looking after the machines so they keep running as they should.  The top ATM processing companies provide round-the-clock customer and technical support so their clients get the required assistance in a time-bound manner.


The best ATM processing companies offer competitive and transparent pricing along with high levels of customer support.  They ensure prompt action in case of malfunctions with the aim of keeping downtime to a minimum. Besides, they can also help evaluate your existing situation and guide you in making a well-informed decision.

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