How to Select the Right ATM Processor

How to Select the Right ATM Processor - ATM Advantage

Just how good your ATM machines are depends on the payment processor they use. If the ATM processor falters on the reliability front, users might experience slow/failed transactions, which may lead them to use other ATMs in the future. The top ATM processors are ones that are reliable, quick, and secure.

What is ATM Processing?

What is ATM Processing?

An ATM is essentially a data terminal that relies on a host processor to connect to and communicate with different banking networks. It is because of this processor a person using an ATM can connect to multiple networks. The top ATM processors are capable of supporting dial-up and leased-line machines. Processors in leased-line machines make use of dedicated phone lines, whereas dial-up machines use modems connected to regular phone lines.

Leased-line machines tend to find favor at locations with very high footfall, and you may usually find dial-up machines at retail merchant locations. This is because the latter comes with noticeably lower operating costs.

The host ATM payment processor is responsible for ensuring that customers can connect to different networks and that all connections are secure. Management of network errors should be seamless, and there should be minimal downtime.

How to Find a Good ATM Processor?

The host processor that powers an ATM may belong to a financial institution or an independent service provider.  While processors owned by banks typically limit their support to bank-owned machines, independent service providers provide support for independently-owned machines. In many cases, companies that sell or rent out ATMs also provide host processing services. 

The best ATM processors provide clear insights into ATM operations and revenue generation via user-friendly analytics and reporting tools. Key factors for choosing the right processor include:

  • Customer support. Selecting a company that lets you buy or rent an ATM and also provides ATM processing and management services gives you the ability to deal with just one business for all your ATM-related needs. Besides, using the same company’s machine and ATM processor leaves little to no room for error when it comes to compatibility. Ideally, you should look for a company that provides round-the-clock phone support.
  • Network support. Transactions at ATMs may take place through different banking networks such as Visa, Mastercard, STAR, Accel, and PULSE. Your ATM processor should be capable of handling all major networks as this brings with it the potential for more transactions.
  • Earnings potential. Your profits depend on the percentage of the surcharge you receive, whether you’re also the owner of the venue, and any deductions that your ATM processing company might add. 


Narrowing down on a suitable location for your ATM is largely a sales-oriented decision. However, setting up a machine and programming it requires technical knowledge. Oftentimes, not paying attention to an ATM’s processor results in poor customer experiences, which, in turn, affects overall revenue. As a result, make sure you select a reliable ATM processing company for a trouble-free ATM experience.

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