Here’s How to Increase the Revenue of Your ATM Business

Here’s How to Increase the Revenue of Your ATM Business - ATM Advantage

Even with the metaverse doing rounds, it remains plain to see that the real world is not going to phase out any time soon. Further, while digital payments continue to find an increasing number of takers, the need for cash remains all too present.  For anyone who owns an ATM or more, this presents an opportunity to bring about an increase in revenue.

Consider this – the average American uses ATMs 3.8 times per month to withdraw cash, and 18-year to 34-year olds account for the age bracket that uses ATMs the most. Further, the average value of ATM withdrawals increased from $146 in 2015 to $156 in 2018.

Making Projections

Making Projections

No matter whether you get an ATM for a retail store, a gas station, or a restaurant, you need to determine how many people visit your business every day.  This number matters because you may expect 1% to 5% of them to use your ATM. Multiply the number of people you expect to use your ATM each day by the per-transaction surcharge, and you get an indication of how much you may earn per day.

Tips to Increase Your ATM Business’ Revenue  

Anyone who wishes to learn how to start an ATM business or how to increase the revenue of an existing setup might benefit by following a few simple pointers.

1. Think location. While your ATM should find a place at a location that attracts high foot traffic, it should also be easy to spot. If you plan to invest in a drive-through ATM, it should have clearly visible signage. If you feel your existing ATM’s location is not up to the mark, it’s best to rethink and find a better alternative.

2. Tweak the surcharge. The Average ATM surcharge in the U.S. peaked at $3.09 in 2019, and stood at $3.08 in 2020 and 2021. While this is indicative of how much you stand to earn per transaction, bear in mind that a high surcharge may act as a deterrent for some, whereas others would be willing to pay a higher amount for the convenience.  Tweaking the surcharge based on the type of people that predominantly visit your business is the ideal way to go.

3. Bring down communication costs. People who rely on ATM processors that use phone lines may look forward to noticeable savings by switching to wireless technology or even by connecting to Ethernet lines.

4. Provide diverse denominations. Depending on the demographic that uses your ATM the most, you may benefit by stocking higher or lower denomination bills. Your ATM provider can help you address this aspect easily.

5. Offer balance inquiry at the start. By simply enabling the “balance inquiry at start” feature, you may look forward to a significant rise in the number of balance inquiries.


Thinking of unusual ways to promote your ATM business – such as offering discount coupons on custom printed ATM receipts – can help improve the revenue of your ATM business.  If your ATM machine looks old or rundown, consider investing in a new one. This is because while newer machines cost lesser than in the past, older machines require more in the form of upkeep. If you aren’t sure of which way to go, consider discussing your needs with a reliable ATM company.

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