You can purchase a basic new ATM, without any bells and whistles, such as a new ATM for APX 2350, at minimal cost. Operation is very easy and we will train you how to use the machine.

It is better to own your ATM Machine. While we do offer ATM Leasing & Rental Options, buying your own ATM offers you the best opportunity to make the most revenue.

ATM machines should be placed in safe spot that is highly visible, brightly-lit and closer to the front of the store; either near the checkout counters or close to the entrance of your storefront.

If the ATM you choose includes the software to do so, we can place graphics using the software. Although we do provide standard decals, if you desire something unique and customized, we can accommodate such requests via special order.

ATM Advantage services all our ATM’s 24/7. If you own your ATM Machine, we can service the ATM for a small monthly fee. The small fee covers our labor and you would just pay for the part needed to complete the repair service on your ATM.

No, ATM Advantage services the entire Tri-State Area. Our service locations include all areas within the state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Yes, all types of credit cards are accepted at the ATM Machines.

In such an event, we would try to sell the ATM to someone else at a discount price. Your final sales price can vary, but might be $500.00+/- less than your original price, etc. We will present you with the sale offer received for your final consideration and then reach a decision.

This depends on your ATM usage and varies by location. Typically, this can range between $4k to $10k per week.

No, ATM Advantage’s experienced ATM technicians will help deliver, setup, program and install the ATM for you at your location.

Depending on the agreement between ATM Advantage and your establishment, either ATM Advantage or your business would be responsible to maintain incoming and outgoing cash reserves at the ATM.

Yes! Our Turnkey ATM solution is when ATM Advantage offers you a FREE ATM in situations where you do not need to own your ATM Machine. ATM cash reserves are then maintained by ATM Advantage and the business owner earns revenue based on the total monthly transactions completed at the ATM.

Our ATM service technician would usually complete all ATM repairs within 48 hours of a service notification. However, if any parts are needed for your ATM repair, this may require additional time.

Yes! We do offer 24/7 services. In order to reduce downtime, within New York City it is easier to travel at night, therefore most of our service calls are performed during off hours.

ATM Advantage offers you 90 days for parts and labor on new purchases. 30 days parts and labor or all refurbished purchases.


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