Now You Don’t Have to Own an ATM Machine to Enjoy the Benefits

Some New York, New Jersey or Connecticut business may prefer the option of ATM placement, rather than buying or leasing an ATM Machine. If so, ATM Advantage has a program designed for companies who wish to explore the opportunity for Free ATM Placement at their place of business.

How Does Free ATM Placement Work?

Free ATM Placement is a Hands-Free Opportunity for Businesses who want to offer ATM access without the hassle of management, facilitation or purchase.

With the Free ATM Placement program, we take care of everything. The ATM is supplied, programmed, shipped and installed at your location by one of our expert ATM specialists. We handle the ATM maintenance, including service, support and supplies. If your customers need help with the ATM machine, we offer a 24/7 help line that they can call. This ATM support line is prominently displayed on the ATM machine.

The Free ATM Placement program is a “hands-free” option that allows you to split earnings with ATM Advantage, just by allowing the machine to be set up at your place of business. This service is available only to businesses throughout Long Island, New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area for Free ATM Placement.

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