ATM Security Services Make Way for Peace of Mind

ATM Security Services Make Way for Peace of Mind

Banks, financial institutions, and independent ATM providers work continually in safeguarding ATMs from theft and vandalism. While continuously evolving technology helps override various risks, ATM owners still need to make sure that their ATMs are as secure as possible. 

Fortunately, companies that provide ATM security services know just what it takes to steer clear of instances surrounding ram raids, burglaries, replenishment attacks, fake fronts, card skimmers, and counterfeit PIN pads. 

The Placement

ATM placement involves paying due attention to the location. For example, you may expect to face increased threats in places with high crime rates. Placing an ATM in an area with high foot traffic is a good idea, as is installing one in the presence of security guards.  When placed outdoors, it makes sense to clear the area of shrubbery that obstructs an ATM’s visibility. Making sure that the area is well-lit after dark is also crucial.

Anchor the Machine

Data shared by Claims Journal highlights that the U.S. saw more than 250 ATM thefts in 2021. This was a 10% increase from the preceding year.  Yanking a machine by using a powerful truck is a common method to steal ATMs. Consequently, if you’re setting up an ATM machine outdoors, it’s important for you to use anti-ram bollards to secure it in place.  Bolting machines down is also a good idea for indoor ATM placement.

Video Surveillance

When it comes to equipping your ATMs with video surveillance, you might benefit by partnering with a company that provides ATM security services. While you should opt for a high-quality surveillance system, its round-the-clock monitoring is also vital, and this is something you may expect when you partner with the right service provider. 

ATM Machine Alarms

A good ATM machine alarm system is capable of detecting different types of malicious activity. Depending on the type of alarm system you select, it may activate flashing lights and shrill sounds upon an attack, as well as notify the authorities. It is possible to use alarms with digital vibration detectors, rolling door contacts, and panic buttons.

Use Jitter Technology

Jitter refers to an anti-skimming technology that works by distorting a card’s motion or speed when used in an ATM.  It is the ideal safeguard against card skimmers, given that it makes any information collected through such devices unusable. Its use is fairly common in ATMs that require users to insert their cards for scanning.

Update Software

Using outdated software increases the risk of logical attacks, where criminals exploit and manipulate an ATM’s software by using malware or black boxes. While you should ensure that your ATM’s software is up to date, you may also benefit by adding firewalls and making use of encryption technologies.


Robbing an ATM is no longer as easy as it might have been years ago. While criminals may turn to new technologies, solutions to safeguard ATMs continue to evolve accordingly. From simply limiting physical access to ATMs to using locator devices, there is much you can do to make sure that your ATM stays safe. If you’re still wondering how to secure ATM machines or need additional information, getting in touch with an ATM provider that also offers ATM security services might be in your best interest.

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