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Medical Facilities / Hospitals / Rehabilitation Centers

ATM ADVANTAGE knows how important and stressful it can be to your residents, patients and their family members, when caring for a loved one who is not in the comfort of their own home. Placing an ATM machine in your facility,and giving them the luxury of having readily available cash at their fingertips, is one way of alleviating their worries.

ATM ADVANTAGE has been servicing hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the New York area for over 15 years. Our state of the art ATM’s are placed in easy access areas such as lobby’s, common areas, cafeterias, administration offices, etc… Our ATM’S are suitable for most kinds of traffic flow, from high paced to slow and steady. We offer many different types of ATM’s to suit your establishment’s needs, keeping your patrons happy, while increasing your revenue stream as well. We also offer custom made cabinetry and enclosures to match the décor and theme of your building. Our 24/7 customer support and maintenance team is always ready and available to assist you.

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